Feb 18 - Mar 21 6:30 - 8:00pm
Enter Gate #5

Noblesville Speed-Athletic Development Camp

(for boys and girls grades 3 - 8)
Sundays nights from 6:30pm - 8:00pm Feb 18 - Mar 18
NHS Main Gym Enter Gate #5
(Speed, Agility, Explosiveness, Balance, Core, Championship Mentality)

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Sign-up today to experience the teaching, trainings, and scientifically proven methods offered by the Noblesville Athletic Development program and staff! Noblesville Athletic Development is committed to establishing a Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) foundation that will benefit our student-athletes for a lifetime. A long-term commitment to physical literacy, proper training to improve athleticism, and sport skill development is vital to produce optimal athletic potential. Proper training and athletic development require time. Moreover, a paradigm shift needs to occur regarding the pace and process of athletic development.

This paradigm shift has its own language. Physical Literacy is a fundamental and valued human capability that can be described as a disposition acquired by human individuals encompassing the motivation, confidence, and physical competence that establishes purposeful physical activity as an integral part of their lifestyle. Athleticism is the result of athletic movement skills development that involves learning proper techniques for agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, metabolic training, power, reaction time, speed, strength, and strength endurance.
Noblesville Fundamental Strength Trainging Club
(For boys and girls from 6th grade thru 8th grade)
4 Wednesday nights from 6:00pm - 7:15pm Feb 21 - Mar 21
Enter Gate #17 and Turn Right
NHS Main Weight Room
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National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Recommendations for Youth Strength training:
•_All athletes should be taught proper exercise and spotting technique. Exercises should initially be taught with no or minimal load to allow proper technique to be learned.
•_All training sessions should be supervised by an experienced fitness professional.
•_Each child should be physically and emotionally prepared to participate in a strength training program.

Also consider the athlete’s maturity level when introducing more advanced exercises.

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  T-shirt (Adult Sizes) "Y" = Youth Sport 1 Sport 2
  Speed Camp $75 per child Discount Code
  $75 per child Strength Training Club is for 6th - 8th grade boys/girls only.
* Choose Speed Camp and Strength Camp and get both for $140!
  First child is $75, for every additional child - $65. Both Speed and Strength Camp $130
(Only check this option if you have already signed up one child)
I agree to waive all liability of the Noblesville Speed-Athletic Camp or Noblesville Fundamental Strength Club, Noblesville High School, its employees, agents, offers, staff, coaches, trainers, physicians, for any accident, injury (including death), illness, or other mishap which might befall the above named camper during his/her attendance at the Noblesville Speed-Athletic Development Camp or Noblesville Fundamental Strength Club.